“My weekly coaching sessions with Rui have helped me to improve my work performance, personal life and realize more of my potential as an Entrepreneur. In a fast pacing world where your time and energy are valuable and finite resources, it is fundamental to focus on activities that really push you forward towards achieving your dreams. Rui is a key person of my personal odyssey of the self, who always challenges me to think differently, helping me to identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, supports me to rewire what I am focusing my thoughts and energy on and, best of all, provides me with tools to break through patterns/habits that are holding me back. After a session with Rui, I always get a clear direction to follow and a huge confidence boost. I can proudly say that having Rui as a coach made me grow not just an Entrepreneur, but also as a better human being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rui and I look forward to continuing our journey!”

– – – Jana G.

The Coaching process, that took place over a year, was gradually simply fascinating. The way Coach Rui succeeded through powerful questions, inspiring phrases for setting goals and objectives and consequently my actions, with some falls, but with growth and maturity that made me someone I respect a lot and made me love responsibly and full of life.
Today I am a happy person.” (translated from Portuguese)

– – – Carla M.

“At first I didn’t know how everything was going to work, but no problem, we quickly scheduled a first conversation. I was far from knowing that I was going to be challenged on so many levels, that I would have contact with so much knowledge and new concepts that could help me. It has been great to have Coach Rui accompaniment at a less good time in my life. But it has been better to realize that from now on it can only improve. Thank you Rui!” (translated from Portuguese)

– – – Carlos S.

“Working the mind, our goals and dreams is, without a doubt, as important as working our body, in case we want to reach challenging levels. Rui became my personal trainer of the mind, a mentor, who helped me to outline the way to achieve the goals. The Coaching process was key to the evolution in my professional and personal life, in my last year. Rui is an incredible professional who works on finding balance and it is always rewarding to be with people with his intelligence and vision, adding value to our lives!” (translated from Portuguese)

– – – Lúcia S.

“Doing the coaching process with Rui was a process of discovery. With him, I was able to see things through a different perspective, transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, so that I could approach certain topics with people. I discovered that I am happy even on a day that I am less well, and everything is fine. I am extremely grateful for the experience. Thanks!” (translated from Portuguese)

– – – Marina C.

“Rui operates transformation.“If you want to change the world, starts with yourself”; this was the basis of our work. During the coaching sessions, Rui led me to a new and broader view of myself and, consequently, of what surrounds me, it made me question my beliefs and realize that I could go beyond limits. It became so clearer what I wanted and how to achieve it. And so, step by step, I resized my world, I live my life aware of my value and the path to take . Thank you Rui!” (translated from Portuguese)

– – – Célia S.