About me

Hi! My coach name is Rui Nevsil (the last from a contraction of my family name Neves-Silva) and I’m here to contribute with my thoughts about how to take the best from living this life.

I’ve been here for a while – at 50 I’ve stop counting, so now I’m just 50+… I had a wonderful childhood with my parents and siblings, being the one in between an older sister and a younger brother. As a child, I was a kind destroyer… I usually would pick every toy to dismantle and check tthe insides to learn how it worked. I have learned a lot about toys and how things work… This passion for breaking down things took me to Engineering and Systems, which I always found very amusing, although other people were always a little bit reluctant regarding the dismantling and breaking down parts.

Because of my understanding on how things work, but not only that, I have developed an academic carrier teaching others the marvellous things about Decision and Control of dynamic systems, i.e. the ones that are not static. The curious thing is that when you study decision and control for machines, it is unavoidable to reflect about the processes on how people take decisions and control their selves.

The problem with dealing too much with systems and control is that you get this feeling you can control everything around you, and that is just not true. Because of that, some things in my life did not go exactly how I have predict them… I have lost control of myself in the process, and with that I have lost my sense of identity and authenticity.

Attending Anthony Robbins’ event Unleash the Power Within, in 2018, was my turning point. The moment I understood that there are these things called emotions that conditioned the way we behave and, instead of trying to control things around us, we can put a leash on our emotions and be responsible for our behaviour. Incredible, isn’t it?

Because I also had to dismantle this new toy, I went to do my Coaching Certification with Jorge Coutinho on July 2018, where I went deeper on understanding how the coaching tools could be used to find better versions of ourselves. Then, I have started coaching… and the passion started!

In the meantime, I have read the most interesting books related with personal development and taking some courses. I have added NLP practitioner to the bunch, first with the Kain Ramsay’s course, and this last July, with Luis Fernando’s NLP certification (ALLCAN).

Today, I’m a happy person. With my ups and downs as everyone else… and happy! What more would you like to know about me?