What is coaching? …and what it is not!

Coaching is a process allowing people to gain awareness of who they are, their values and beliefs, their strengths and options, and actions to take and meet their goals. It starts from the basic assumption that all answers are already inside us. The coach is then a facilitator that helps the coachee finding these answers. The coaching practice establishes a partnership between the coach and the coachee, based on trust and respect for how the client sees the world, the so-called model of the world.

The coach uses powerful questioning to put light upon different perspectives and meanings that we associate with life events.

Coaching has a strong focus on setting specific goals and breaking down them in smaller targets, defining the pathway to achievement. It is, therefore, mainly focused on the present and future states.

By unlocking possible fears or limiting beliefs and nurturing mental growth, the coaching enables people to explore their full potential and finding the best version of themselves. You can always change for your better version.

Coaching is not therapy. Although we often break free from fears and limiting beliefs during the coaching process, we do it by focusing on the opportunity cost of not making the change now. In this sense, coaching is thus complementary to the therapy that helps the person by going to their past to try to understand or finding new meanings for a negative experience.

Furthermore, coaching is not mentoring or consulting. First, the coach does not have to be an expert on the field of intervention, and second, it is very important for the coaching results to stick that the answers really come from the Coachee. If you feel now that I can contribute to help you finding your better version, achieving your goals, please let me know.

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Featured photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash